Everyone Needs a Little Hydration!

hydration for acne prone skin

Over the years, many people have ignored hydrating products, fearing that their skin would break out, saying it was already "too oily" or "greasy." In this blog post, Board Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Mary Fleischli, explains exactly who can benefit from using hydrating products. Spoiler alert: we all can!

"I think that it’s misinformation that people who suffer from acne don’t need a hydrating product. 70% of teenagers and 40% of adult women have acne. Oftentimes, I think patients with acne actually need hydration more than anyone. Especially in adult women, many start to use prescription acne agents, which are by nature, very drying. If they start too fast without using a hydrating product, their skin ends up becoming so dry that it looks worse than it did before. They then must stop using these products routinely because they cause so much drying. Sometimes, their skin actually bothers them more from the drying than it had from the acne.

For acne patients, you want all hydrating products to be non-pore blocking. As long as they are non-comedogenic, hydrating products, or even a recovery mask, should absolutely be used for acne patients. If we have a patient on Accutane, or one who is using a retinoid or a salicylic acid product, they would very much benefit from a moisturizer or hydrating mask. Hydration is not necessarily just for one skin type."

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