Sarah's 5-Minute Morning Beauty Routine

Sarah's 5-Minute Morning Beauty Routine

While I love nothing more than a long drawn out morning routine, most days I'm just looking for a quick and easy routine to take care of my skin and look alive. 

On these days, I stick to the basics. 

  1. Splash face with water - I found that my skin responds so much better to double cleansing at night and skipping the cleanser in the morning!
  2. SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic Serum - my go-to vitamin C serum for years
  3. goldieglow Ready to Glow Moisturizer (on damp skin is best!) - keeps skin nice and hydrated all day long
  4. Eye cream - hydrates and brightens the delicate under-eye skin
  5. Elta MD Tinted UV Clear Sunscreen - I've tried so many sunscreens and keep coming back to this one time and time again
  6. Anastasia Clear Eyebrow Gel
  7. Nars Concealer
  8. Rare Beauty Blush
  9. Laura Mercier translucent powder
  10. Voila! 

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